Invasion of the Fruits…Fruit Attacks VR Now Available on Steam Early Access

2018-02-07 10:02 출처: Nanali Studios

Fruit Attacks VR, developed by Nanali Studios is now available on Steam Early Access from February 1st. You can buy the game for $15 on Steam now.

SEOUL--(뉴스와이어) 2018년 02월 07일 -- Fruit Attacks VR, developed by Nanali Studios is now fully available on Steam Early Access from February 1st, 2018.

Fruit Attacks VR is based on the mobile game of the same name launched in 2014. Since its initial release, ‘Fruit Attacks’ has borne some fruitful results. It has recorded over 560,000 downloads worldwide and been featured in the iOS App Store’s ‘Best New Games’ category in nearly 130 countries.

Fruit Attacks VR is a casual defense shooter taking place during an alien invasion, caused by humanity’s unpleasant penchant for consuming fruit. Players will pilot one of three distinct SATIs, powerful speaker robots whose devastating sound wave attacks are the only weapon capable of destroying the fruit aliens. The game features fast-paced gameplay which rewards quickly swapping SATI on-the-fly in order to effectively deal with different types of enemies. Using the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift's motion controllers, Fruit Attacks VR offers a unique control system enabling players to tactically bend the trajectory of their shots. With an original setting and cartoonish characters, it delivers contents suitable for all ages.

Nanali Studios - Creator of inventive mobile games, Sally's Law, Time Fish, and many more - makes their debut in the virtual reality space with Fruit Attacks VR. The game’s original plan to launch on Steam Early Access on Jan 2018 was pushed back to February. Nanali Studios is targeting a second-quarter official release, followed by expanded support for other major devices such as Sony PlayStation VR, and more at a future date. Furthermore, to engage an even broader audience, Fruit Attacks VR is set to be released in virtual reality arcades throughout South Korea and around the world.

Fruit Attacks VR store page is currently accessible in the Early Access and Virtual Reality section on Steam. Fruit Attacks VR from Nanali Studios can be purchased for $15 on Steam now.

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